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The Triip App allows you to earn TIIM token (TriipMiles) in exchange for providing your travel plan and submitting your travel proof and more... Traveler register a Triip Protocol profile, plan your trips ahead without revealing personal information. After submitting your travel plan or spin a lucky wheel, you will receive reward money in TIIM. You can then use this money to spend on travel deals and offers.
Use Triip Traveler App to:
• Create travel plans, and submit travel proof.
• Spin the lucky wheel to test your luck, and win prizes.
• See your current balance.
• View and update your Triip traveler profile.
Not enough?
If you are looking for more places to earn TriipMiles, you will have plenty to explore the rest of the Triip app.
While waiting for your upcoming trip you can earn extra daily reward for your TriipMiles deposit. Rewards are also given for creating a digital passport. You can also refer friends to Triip or designing a local experience.
We’re eager to bring on even more rewards opportunities in our travel economy.
Now you are no longer a passive tourist but an active contributor to the new travel economy.
** Triip pledges for sustainable travel. **
A deep love of the environment and a recognition of the need to take strong, immediate action to protect is at the heart of everything we do. By downloading the Triip app, you’re joining us in our mission to meaningful solutions to the the growing ecological crisis.
It means a lot to us, so we’re offering all who sign the Triip Pledge an amount of token. You’re already doing a lot by reading this pledge, so please accept this gift as our show of thanks.
On top of that, we’re contributing 1% of each booking conducted on Triip to a Sustainable Fund that we’re using to advance a series of sustainability projects, including plastic waste reduction program SaveYourOcean.com.
We’re a blockchain and travel company, but we’re more than that.
Similarly, you’re more than just a traveler and a consumer.
You’re an important part of the change we all need to make together to chart a different course for the Earth and all those who share our home.
Our pledge is:
“For myself and my posterity, I am taking this pledge to reduce my environmental impact and protect my immediate area and those I visit. I will always travel with an interesting in learning about, respecting and protecting local cultures that have established a place there before me. I will take only the memories I’ve created in the place.”
Join the movement and download Triip Protocol Traveler app today.
Question? Feedback? Please email contact@triip.me.
* What is TIIM?
TriipMiles (TIIM) is the main utility token in the Triip Protocol, used to exchange data and value between Triip Protocol smart contracts, travel businesses, travelers and locals with a network of partnerships in 229 countries. TriipMiles (TIIM) can then be used to reserve 28,859,813 listings include 5,539,347 listings of homes, apartments and other unique places to stay and get 5% rebate in 137,678 destinations in 229 countries and territories. In addition, travelers can use TIIM to buy one of the 6,000 one-of-a-kind tour in 100 countries, global wifi data in 131 countries or purchase in-room entertainment as well as book local transportation… and more.

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